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EASI Free Webinar: Book Overview: Making Online Teaching Accessible,
Prof Norman Coombs talking about his new book on Thursday, April 28
Note-Taking Made Easy For Legally Blind Students
A Tablet PC and camera combination that has grown into a possible product
Welcome to Bookshare for the United Kingdom
An expanding collection of accessible books available to people in the United Kingdom who have a qualifying print ...
Summify provides you with 5 Articles to read a day based on your Internet reading habits
This may help you manage information overload from blogs, tweets and other feeds
Access2Science - new web site about making Science subjects more accessible
Useful accessibility articles, tips and tricks about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths
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Android Access: Accessible Android apps
Information on accessible Android apps and programs for the blind and visually impaired
WebAIM has published the results of their third Screen Reader Survey.
Highlights from the report that is available online.
Books for All - Seeing Ear Library Providing Enhanced Service
Call Centre announce now open to all a print disability (inc dyslexia) in UK.
ATIS4all Thematic Network launched to facilitate access to AT and accessibility devices
Launched in January - it is easy to sign up and subscribe to the newsletter
Disability and access to mobile phone features - 5 min survey for students
Results from this survey will be available as soon as possible after 18th Feb, 2011.
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David Banes Access Technology Newsletter February 2011
Latest podcast with AT ideas and news plus useful links about web accessibility
Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin for US customers only!
International users need to register with US Bank or have US billing address.
Very short survey for any disabled student using a mobile phone.
Ten quick questions about the features on your phone and issues around accessibility.
Take part in WebAIM's 3rd Screen Reader User Survey
Follow-up and update to the original WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey
Changes to the scheduled EASI webinars in January 2011
Useful accessibility Webinars take place later in the month.
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ViewPlus free webinar
Learn more about Nemeth and Language translation for Braille production.
RNIB App and Website of the Month
New feature in collaboration with British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB).
Accessibility for iPhone and iPad Apps
Thinking of developing apps for those with visual impairments.
Count down to Christmas
A collection of online timers to help with the preparations!
Microsoft Backtracks on Accessibility in New Mobile Operating System
Windows Phone 7 (WP7), does not include the accessibility components
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EASI Webinars on accessibility for early 2011
Webinars already scheduled for January, February and for March 2011
How to Develop Mobile Web 2.0 Applications ?
May be useful for making some Web 2.0 services more accessible
Fix The Web launched to focus on e-accessibility with ATBar
Citizens Online has launched an innovative project called Fix the Web with the aim of addressing e-accessibility issues
Keyboard and Switch Control For iPod/iPad/iPhone Music
Ricky Buchanan ATMac Blog offers more advice aboout AT for Mac portable devices.
SpeechBubble technololgy that gives you a voice
Ace centre provide 'details of nearly every communication aid available in the UK'
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