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Industry News : 28/09/2011
AccessMyStudies document storage with AT service for students in HE

Assistive Technology on the fly for reading documents

The web site states that "AccessMyStudies is designed to assist ‘print impaired’ students (students with SpLD / Dyslexia or vision impairments) to access their research and assignment documents from any location.

Developed in conjunction with Claro Software, AccessMyStudies provides on-line (cloud) storage of a user’s documents and provides accessibility features (downloadable Apps) including a Screen Reader (ClaroRead SE) (text to speech), Screen Magnifier (Lightening), Screen Ruler and Screen Colour Changer (ClaroView).

Once registered you upload your documents and then you can have these read to you or you can magnify the screen or change the screen appearance. You can do this from any computer. You do not need to use a computer with enabling software installed."

Documents used with the chosen assistive technology can be accessed from any computer that allows the download of an 'exe' file as that is how the assistive technology runs whilst the document is being read. The concept is similar to DropBox but with the addition of the support offered from ClaroSoftware applications.

The service has just been launched for those receiving the Disabled Students' Allowances with guidance for assessors...

"The cost of the service is £50 + VAT. This one-off fee will provide access for the remainder of the student’s course – maximum 4 years." Further information
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