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Industry News : 22/12/2011
During the Christmas break why not help BATA with a strap line for Assistive Technology

The British Assistive Technology Association offer a definition for Assistive Technology but want something snappy but memorable!

The BATA Council agreed that a suitable definition would be:
"Assistive technology is any item, equipment, hardware, software, system or product used to maintain, increase or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities so they may communicate, learn, and live as independently as possible."

The email newsletter went on to say

"We think this is short enough to be memorable, but includes sufficient detail to be meaningful. What do you think? Do you feel what you offer or use or advise on is included? Do you think people outside the A.T. sector will know what sort of things that means? Can you improve on the wording without making it any longer?

A shorter Tweetable version of the above, for use as a strap line, is:

A.T. is anything that is used to maintain or improve the capabilities of those with disabilities.

OR maybe you prefer:
A.T. helps people with disabilities learn, communicate, enjoy life and live more independently.

A.T. enables people with disabilities to have better, more independent lives.

A.T reduces the impact disabilities have on an individual's ability to communicate, learn and live independently.

A.T. is anything that enables people to do things they couldn't otherwise do or couldn't do as easily or safely without it.

Which of the above do you think is the best? Could you do better? So, here's the challenge: can you come up with an effective, snappier, more inspiring, BATA strapline with a maximum 130 characters (#defineBATA with a space takes 10) that sums up not just what A.T. is but why it matters so much to so many people? There's a bottle of champagne at the AGM for the winning member who is there in person to collect it! Send your suggestions as soon as possible to"
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