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Industry News : 01/02/2012
Sight and Sound Technology acquire Forcetenco

Sight and Sound are now selling items from Forectenco via their online store.

Sight and Sound Technologyhave posted on their website the following news item:

Sight and Sound Technologythe UK’s leading provider of assistive solutions for the blind, visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties, are today pleased to announce the acquisition of The Force Ten Company Limited (Forcetenco).

Forcetenco, has been a major supplier of low vision aids and assistive hearing solutions since 1989. This merger will see Sight and Sound Technology further enhance its already extensive range of technology for the visually impaired, adding further master distribution agreements to those of Freedom Scientific, AI Squared and Cambium (Kurzweil).

Forcetenco recently won the BETT 2012 SEN Technology award with the acclaimed VOICEYE product, which provides a unique print text accessibility solution for users with print and visual impairments. Sight and Sound Technology will now acquire the exclusive distributorship of this acclaimed product.

Sight and Sound Technology will continue to service and support all of the products previously purchased from Forcetenco.

Norman Lilly of Forcetenco said:

“For us it was time to pass the good work we have been doing for over 16 years into hands that could further develop the relationships that we have and build them into the UK’s largest technology company for the blind, visually impaired and those with learning difficulties. We will still be involved and will help integrate the two businesses together to ensure that all of our customers have a seamless transfer to the new operation.”

CEO of Sight and Sound Technology, Glenn Tookey comments:

“The merger of the two companies integrates almost 50 years of knowledge and experience, creating a powerful operation in assistive technology for those with visual impairment. The benefits to customers of both companies is access to a wider range of solutions to meet their needs, all trained and supported under one roof. We can offer more value than ever before.”
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