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Product News : 13/05/2013
SuperNova v13.50 released for Windows 8 magnification, speech and Braille output

The recent SuperNova update allows users to interact with Sky Drive and Microsoft Office 2013

SuperNova works with the new Windows 8 Start Screen including: live tiles showing updating information, Charms Bar which is the new way to change settings and share content, plus SuperNova continues to work with existing desktop and legacy applications including Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and Skype.

There is a Dolphin podcast on 'Windows 8 Essentials with SuperNova v13.50' presented by Maggie McCarthy, Training Manager at Dolphin.

At the same time, Dolphin is announcing initial support in SuperNova for Microsoft Office 2013 applications including: Outlook, Word and Excel. Office 2013 has a refreshed look and features integration with Sky Drive, Microsoft’s cloud storage allowing you to access your documents from any computer.
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