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Product News : 07/06/2013
Exciting new FREE iOS apps from the Sensory App House

Fun switch accessible apps to stimulate reactions from everyone especially those who have complex sensory needs but also for encouraging creative minds.

These iPhone or iPad apps have been designed to encourage reactions as a result of gestures made on the touch screen - audio and visual animations come and go with endless options. There are six apps for downloading.

All can be used to develop a greater sense of 'cause and effect' for those with learning disabilities and younger children but they are also a fun way to discuss the impact of sound and visual stimuli and great for a time to play! You may find you never want to look in a mirror again with three of the apps!!

  • iMeba starts with an animated bloblike spot that can be multiplied by each touch with one finger or several. Shapes can be developed, shrinking and reshaping. Touch each of the round buttons around the edge and all sorts of sounds are heard and shapes appear constantly changing. A mini electric orchestra of sounds can be made. To find out more go to the iMeba Web Page

  • Electra is like a constant shimmering lightning bolt that you can touch to make a zapping noise and then use gestures to change its shape and make more sounds. To find out more go to the Electra Web Page

  • Magma literally starts with a magma blob in bright yellow to orange but once touched moves, splits and causes two different sounds to emanate as a result of the gestures used. To find out more go to the Magma Web Page

  • CineFx uses the camera of the iPhone or iPad and changes anything that is viewed to some great fun views from floating bubbles to a square face or bulging one! To find out more go to the CineFx Web Page

  • FotoFrez has many more views via the camera - turn it on yourself and you will look like some awful monster ever changing and causing many a fright or giggle! To find out more go to the FotoFrez Web Page

  • Just Touch is another app without sound that can be made to look like a kaleidoscope, moving swirls and with lots more changing coloured shapes via the plus button. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors. To find out more go to the Just Touch Web Page
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