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Industry News : 30/08/2013
JISC TechDis and JISC Legal short survey about copyright exceptions for disabled people

If you have an interest in this subject please take the survey before 8th September, 2013

There is currently a “technical review” of the proposed changes to copyright exceptions for disabled people. This could have a direct impact on you and your colleagues’ work so it is worth you being involved but we know you are pushed for time, therefore…..

Jisc TechDis and Jisc Legal have worked with partners to make it as easy as possible for you to respond to the consultation by picking out the key issues in a simple 5 question survey on the 5 key areas we identified as most relevant to your work.

Please note that “The technical review process is focussed on the legal effectiveness of the draft legislation, and is not intended to be a repeat of the public consultation ...” so we’re not renegotiating the exception. The key accessibility arguments have been won and the outcomes are much improved. However we’re trying to ensure:
• there are as few ambiguities as possible;
• there are no unintended negative consequences;
• we strongly express support for the wording we approve in case other stakeholders are arguing against it.

We would value your response to this short survey by 8th September so we can compile the results in time for the response deadline which is Wednesday 11th September.

Survey url -

The survey is very quick to complete and is arranged in the following way. Each question has:
•extract from the draft legislation;
•our comment on things that might impact on you;
•tick box answer options.

The survey ends with three additional questions about you (role, sector and contact email) which are important for quality assurance purposes.

We will compile these results and submit them as a Jisc response from the library and disability communities we serve.

Alistair McNaught - Jisc TechDis
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