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Product News : 13/01/2014
Dolphin's Guide 8 - Now get more from the web if you want a simple interface and have visual difficulties

People with sight loss can use the Dolphin software Guide 8 to make web pages easier to read as well as email and other items on their computer.

According to Dolphin's webpages on Guide version 8
Guide's web support has been completely rewritten from the ground up making Guide 8 the most robust and stable web access ever offered in Guide.

Used Guide on the web before? Guide 8 is still familiar

Friendly voice reminders tell you which keys you can press to read web pages:

When you open a web page, Guide tells you "use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to explore the page", and "press ESCAPE to go back to the address box".
When you move to links on web pages, Guide says "press ENTER to select".
When you reach a text box in a web form, Guide will explain how you can type in information.

One of the difficulties people experience on some web sites is that pages contain too much information and far too many links. Guide can stop you getting lost by taking you to less complicated versions of popular web sites.

Mobile web sites tend to include only the important links, so looking for mobile web sites is a great way to make web pages easier to use. Guide 8 now includes an option to automatically check to see if a simplified, mobile version of the web site is available.
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