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Product News : 19/03/2014
SuperNova 14 screen reader and magnification launch announced

Previewing at CSUN 2014: Access to Reading Transformed for Blind and Low Vision

The Dolphin Press Release includes comments such as ...

"SuperNova's screen magnification and screen reading will now be able to conveniently read thousands of accessible books needed for their course or job. People who are blind can also easily scan and read inaccessible print and PDFs. Plus, people with low vision can benefit from SuperNova's intuitive touch screen access for Windows 8.1 on the latest Dell tablets."

"Go straight to hundreds of thousands of accessible book titles, magazines and periodicals directly from within SuperNova 14. Books from Bookshare and other trusted partners are instantly: magnified for people with low vision; spoken aloud for people who cannot see the screen; Brailled to reinforce literacy for people who are blind; or saved to portable MP3 and DAISY players for reading on the go."
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