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Internet News : 23/03/2014
Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices - online guidance

An online book packed with guidance for all those involved with universal design of curricula and support for students in post-16 education.

A message from Sheryl Burgstahler about this online book.
"Based on the number of invitations I receive to deliver presentations on the topic at conferences and campuses, the interest in applications of universal design (UD) to postsecondary education continues to grow. It seems that everyone—faculty, student service providers, technology leaders—wants to make learning environments welcoming and accessible to the entire student body, including English language learners and students with disabilities. Many have been motivated by the book Universal Design in Higher Education: From Principles to Practice (, which was published by Harvard Education Press, and for which I am the lead author and editor. But, they want more examples of how UD is being applied to postsecondary settings—from technology resources, learning styles, physical spaces, and student services, to on-site and online instruction.

I hear many examples of applications of UD in postsecondary education. If shared and replicated by others, these practices could have more impact. Toward this goal, I have created Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices, an online book that continues to grow as further contributions are made. I invite practitioners and researchers who have applied UD in postsecondary settings to submit articles presenting evidence of their successes.

Article submissions are peer-reviewed by members of the Universal Design in Higher Education Community of Practice, which is managed by the DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center that I founded and continue to direct at the University of Washington in Seattle. Accepted articles have been reviewed and edited.

The most current version of Promising Practices is freely available on the DO-IT website at It is presented as a series of accessible PDF files to make it easy for users to print or download various sections for courses, presentations, and training. To maximize distribution of content, we link articles to summaries that appear as Promising Practices in the DO-IT online Knowledge Base.

I look forward to you joining us in this collaborative work by submitting an article for possible inclusion in this publication. Follow the instructions provided in the next few pages. Together we can contribute to broadening participation in education and careers through inclusive practices, and enhancing academic and career fields with the talents and perspectives of individuals with disabilities.

Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.
Editor, Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices
Founder and Director, DO-IT Center
University of Washington"
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