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Conference News : 09/04/2014
"Demystifying dyslexia. Is it a learning difference or learning difficulty?"

Event Date: Tue 6th May, 2014

6 May 2014 at Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester, Dorset, 17:00-19:00

Everbrite Conference information

"The presentation makes an evidenced based case for viewing Dyslexia as a preferred way of learning rather than automatically as a disability or difficulty. The case for the "Preference Paradigm" will be supported with strategies for parents, teachers and pupils in compulsory education as well as HE lecturers and students. These strategies will exemplify practical, preference led ways to establish the "Dyslexia Learning Zone" and will be perfect for teachers coming to terms with the cross curricular/thematic literacy requirements of the new National Curriculum. There will be a particular focus on techniques to harness the power of context to support "quick thinking, slow reading" learners and also ways to organise information for essays and assignments for SATs, GCSE and Higher Education. The presentation will also include practical ways to minimise and support issues with working memory in ways that will impact positively on learners in school, college and university."

Speaker: Neil MacKay, Action Dyslexia

Neil MacKay is a freelance consultant and trainer who created the concept of Dyslexia Friendly Schools He is an experienced teacher who has taught for 26 years, working with children with a wide range of ages, needs and ability. He is known for his ability to bring the classroom into his training and for providing lively, entertaining and thought provoking opportunities for teachers and teaching assistants to reflect on and develop their practice. His audiences particularly appreciate his ability to offer workable responses to a range of learning needs, including AD(H)D, Asperger's Syndrome and Dyspraxia in ways which meet diverse learning needs without affecting the work of the rest of the class.

Questions after the talk will be facilitated by Gerri Kemp - Head of SEN Specialist Services, Dorset County Council
Open to students, staff and public. To register your attendance, please book via the following links:
Students/staff and community
Light refreshments will be available
Parking is available at the School.
To arrange any access requirements please contact: to arrange.
We hope this talk will raise awareness of dyslexia. This talk has been organised and supported by:

• aspireBU
• Equality and Diversity Service
• Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester
• SEN Specialist Services, Dorset County Council
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