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Product News : 28/04/2014
Lucid Research discontinue LADS as LADS Plus takes its place.

LADS Plus is a computerised screening test for identifying dyslexia in members of the general population aged 15+.

Lucid Research has decided that the time has come to discontinue our Lucid LADS product and in the future only the LADS Plus software will be available to purchase.

LADS Plus is a newer version of Lucid LADS and was developed to provide improved screening accuracy in wider populations that may include individuals who have non-standard educational backgrounds, low general ability, and/or English as a second language.

For peace of mind of existing Lucid LADS customers, free technical support for this product will remain available for as long as customers continue to use it within their current licence period.

If you should have any customers who wish to renew their Lucid LADS licence (must be genuine renewal of licence on a continuous basis), now or until April 2015, we will gladly supply the improved LADS Plus software to them at the same price as their Lucid LADS renewal would have been (2013/2014 price list), we just request that you forward the customers current serial number for these orders.

Upgrade to the LADS Plus software will involve installation of new software but we will be able to supply customers with a free 'reader' to allow them to continue to access the reports from the Lucid LADS software
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