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Product News : 28/09/2014
Conversor Notetaker recording App for Android devices launched

The app currently available on Google Play and Amazon App store at £4.99.

Conversor Notetaker has unlimited free text bookmarks and a picture taking feature as well as offering up to 100 hours recording depending on the device using Mp4 and wav formats. (This news has been taken from the company's website and an email kindly sent to us, as we have yet to trial the app.)

Audio files can be exported to Sonocent and photos uploaded and it is hoped that bookmarks will be able to be exported in the future.

It is possible to coneect a directional microphone to an Android phone which uses our existing CON01ADP 3.5mm connector cable and a 4pin to 4pin adapter CON014PA. Most recent Samsung, HTC and Sony Android phones use CON01ADP on its own, but some of the older Android phones require this connector.

Please contact Conversor Limited for more information
Tel: +44(0)870 066 3499
Mob/Cell:+44 7785 225600
Fax +44(0)870 066 3669
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