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Product News : 15/11/2014
Exam Pen shortlisted for Bett 2015 award, Scanning Pens have videos on its use and BDA NTC have a review.

The Wizcom ExamPen has been approved by The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)* for use in exams.

The Exam Pen is shortlisted for a Bett Award 2015-ICT Special Educational Needs and Scanning Pens have put up a couple of videos on their website to show how it can be used. There are also case studies from a few schools.

The British Dyslexia Association New Technologies Committee have reviewed the pen and say that:

"It is also very important that candidates practise with the pen on past papers, as it can take time to develop the correct method of scanning accurately. The pen comes with a training guide and a foot which fits to the nib of the pen and aids with correctly positioning. It is particularly important that pen nib is kept upright and is moved over the text in a consistent speed. It is also helpful to start scanning from the end of the previous word, so that the scanner picks up the blank space and the beginning of the word to be read aloud."
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