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Workshop News : 16/06/2015
Empowering YouTube for Higher Education - free 3PlayMedia webinar

Taking place online on Thursday, July 9th, 2pm-3pm ET - Eastern time is 19:00BST

The 3PlayMedia website advertises this free webinar by saying:
"This webinar will teach you how to leverage your YouTube videos to create an engaging learning portal for your students. Justin McCutcheon, the CEO and co-founder of Cattura, will walk you through the tools available for utilizing learning solutions that bridge Google Apps for Education, YouTube, and other Google services to create a rich video experience for your YouTube videos directly inside of your learning management system course.

This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of video solutions with Google Apps for Education and YouTube
  • Creating a well-organized YouTube course portal
  • Delivering lecture capture and flipped classroom content to YouTube
  • Making recorded and public YouTube videos accessible with closed captions
  • Enriching YouTube videos with time-coded video metadata to drive notes, chapters, tags, and video search
  • Creating a complete educational integration between Google Apps for Education and your LMS
  • Leveraging Google tools such as YouTube annotations, video clipping, and Google Analytics to improve your educational video content"
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