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Conference News : 31/07/2015
ATIA 2016 - Pre-Conference and Conference announcements.

Event Date: Tue 3rd February, 2015 runs till Fri 6th February, 2015

Pre-Conference Seminars: February 2-3, 2016 Conference: February 3-6, 2016 Caribe Royale All-Suites Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

Sent by email from the committee
"At ATIA 2016 you can spend one or two full days before the main conference with key leaders in the field of assistive technology, dig deeper into topics that matter most to you and earn CEU hours with the ATIA pre-conference seminars. Held February 2-3, 2016, the pre-conference seminars are formatted a little differently this year to help you build a unique schedule that fits your specific needs.

You can now choose from four two-day pre-conference seminars or a "build your own" schedule of two one-day pre-conference seminars. When you combine one Tuesday and one Wednesday one-day pre-conference seminar, you receive a 10% discount. Read on to learn more about each of our Tuesday one-day seminars and look for future emails from ATIA for an in-depth look at the Wednesday one-day seminars.

An In-Depth Look at the Tuesday One-Day Pre-Conference Seminars

PRE-05T: The Evolution of AT Teams: Redesigning Your AT Services

Speaker: Denise DeCoste, Independent Consultant at Accessible Technology Consulting, and Gayl Bowser, Independent Consultant at Assistive Technology Collaborations

Overview: If you are part of a team that provides AT services in public school settings, then this intensive one-day training is right for you. We will challenge you to envision AT services in the context of Universal Design for Learning for professionals and to move forward to meet the changing role of AT teams. Interactive activities will give you an opportunity to analyze your current service model and plan for new approaches to service design.

PRE-06T: Beyond 90/90/90; Seating & Access to AT

Speaker: Karen M. Kangas, OTR/L

Overview: Independent control of access to AT continues to be a problem for students with complex bodies. Their access and accessibility to specific AT within their environments is frequently limited due to the current "correct" seating. Sensory processing directly affects visual convergence, focus and attention, and postural control. To assist students with better access and engagement in independent activity, we must better understand how their bodies work and provide seating and mobility equipment that is needed.

PRE-07T: AT Bootcamp: Start at A (Assessment, Access and AAC)

Speaker: Mike Marotta, AT Specialist at Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC, and Brian Wojcik, Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska at Kearney Department of Teacher Education

Overview: This pre-conference workshop experience is designed for people new to the field of assistive technology or first-time conference attendees. This session will provide a fundamental overview of assistive technology assessment (AT) that includes AT consideration, implementation, application and a structure to further your personal learning experience. In addition, this day will focus on access to technology (computers, AAC, mobile devices, etc.) and tools for communication and AAC.

PRE-08T: Language, Literacy and Learning: Technology-Enhanced Classrooms

Speaker: Amanda Hartmann, Speech Pathologist at Amanda Hartmann/Spectronics

Overview: Successful literacy learning is a crucial element for ALL learners. How can we harness the power of the technology we have to improve the literacy skills for our learners? What technology tools can be used and adapted for learners of different skill and ability levels? This workshop will demonstrate and discuss tools and strategies that develop effective literacy skills, as well as those tools that provide support to struggling literacy learners.

PRE-09T: 5 Steps to Successful Implementation of AAC Apps in Classrooms

Speakers: Kelly Fonner, Consultant at Fonner Consulting, and Scott Marfilius, Consultant at Marfilius Consulting

Overview: Implementation doesn't happen with a download. The world of AAC apps has increased the need to make AAC work in the classroom! What's often wanted is some type of "cookbook" approach, so the 5 Steps to Successful Implementation of AAC Apps will take you through the following steps: (1) sorting through the plans; (2) getting everybody onboard; (3) teaching communication in the classroom; (4) having good partner strategies; and (5) measuring outcomes with data.

PRE-10T: AT Solutions for Students with Dyslexia: Case Studies and Options

Speaker: Jamie Martin, Assistive Technology Consultant & Trainer, Eagle Hill School - Southport

Overview: For many years, the help that students with dyslexia and SLDs received in school was limited to remedial language instruction and resource support. In recent years, there has been a rapid development of assistive technology that allows those students to experience new educational heights and reach their academic potentials. This seminar will explore multiple student case studies and introduce AT tools that helped those students access educational material that was on par with their intelligence.

PRE-13T: Universal Design for 21st-Century Learning

Speakers: Beth Poss, Special Education Administrator and AT Consultant at Montgomery County Public Schools, and Christopher Bugaj, Assistive Technology Trainer at Loudoun County Public Schools

Overview: All-new, hands-on BYOD workshop! Immerse yourself in free or low-cost tools supporting the constructs of Universal Design for Learning. Explore apps and web-based tools across content areas. Discover strategies to increase curriculum access, providing options for all learners. Learn how to use these tools in today's UDL classroom to support a range of students or as professional development tools to engage the adult learner. Come with your laptop and/or tablet!"
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