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Workshop News : 31/07/2015
Train the Trainer - EASI offer online courses to get a "Certificate in Accessible Information Technology"

Event Date: Wed 6th April, 2016

Everyone who completes an EASI course will receive an EASI document of completion for that course. Those completing 5 of these courses will earn the EASI Certificate in Accessible Information Technology. USM has recognized EASI courses by issuing 15 USM CEUs to those completing 5 of these EASI courses.

The EASi website provides a more in depth description of the course

Registration and Course Schedule

Registration is $350 with a discount for EASI Annual members and for participants from overseas

Schedule 2015: April 6, August 3, December 1 (Tuesday)

Course Description

"Train the Trainer is being revised again. New and revised assistive software is being created and old applications are being revised changing the landscape. It is hard to keep up with these developments and even difficult to know which applications are best and most important. It is difficult to make a list of applications assistive software trainers need to know. Depending on the demographics of your organization and the commercial software your institution uses most commonly, each of you may have somewhat different needs and concerns.

As before, the course will urge you to obtain free or demo software and gain hands-on experience with them. Because of the rapid increase of applications available, you will have the ability to select the exact products you want to learn. The course will point you at lists of products from which to select those that most suit your situation. You may also know products we do not list, and you can decide to work on that product.

The goal is to give you hands-on experience on a variety of products that support people with diverse disabilities. This means, instead of merely walking through the course content, you will be engaged in tailoring your work for yourself.

Computer technology has the potential to provide the most level learning space and working space in history for people with disabilities. However, many users arrive on campus or at work with inadequate training on this technology. Either the K-12 system failed to provide them with the appropriate tools and training, or they may have only recently received the disability. They will need help in identifying the technology that will enable them to achieve more independence and need training to use it effectively. Your institution will need to have someone equipped to provide this training. The information in Train the Trainer will provide a staff person with the know-how to provide this support. EASI believes that such support requires a joint effort between the trainer and the trainee. While the trainee needs help to get started on using complex adaptive technologies, after an initial introduction, EASI believes that the trainee has the responsibility to become a skilled user independently.

The task of the trainer is made difficult because he or she will need to have at least a beginner's skill on several different adaptive technologies and have a broad understanding of various disabilities to provide such people with what they will need to know to get started on using today's information technology. This course will provide that broad, basic learning. The trainer may also need to provide a beginner understanding of adaptive technology to other staff such as lab assistants and librarians.

The course is month-long and is entirely taught over the Internet. There will also be several modules using multimedia, video, audio, PowerPoint etc.

(To earn the course completion documentation, participants will have to do all lessons and submit the assignment at the bottom of each lesson.)"
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