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Workshop News : 28/08/2015
Preview of 4-part EASI Webinar series in 2015-16

Event Date: Thu 10th September, 2015

EASI has five series planned for this academic year. Two are scheduled in September and October. Three more are being finalized for next winter and spring.

EASI has five series planned for this academic year. Two are scheduled in September and October. Three more are being finalized for next winter and spring.

• Beginner-Intermediate PowerPoint 4-part series (scheduled in September)
• EASI Fee-based, 4-part Series: Word 2013: Beyond the Basics (scheduled in October)
• Alt-media Creation and Production (tentatively in November-December)
• Fee-based, 4-part series: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (planned for January-February 2016)
• Creating and editing accessible PDF documents based on the PDFUA standard (planned for March-April 2016)
EASI Fee-based 4-part Series: Beginner/Intermediate PowerPoint
Presenter: Norm Coombs, Professor Emeritus from RIT and CEO of EASI
Dates: Thursdays Sept. 10, 17, 24 and October 1
Times: 11 Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 Eastern
(use the link at the bottom to read more and register online)

PowerPoint is a popular content-delivery tool for both online and on-site college courses. PowerPoint content is usually created by professors with limited technical know-how, but it is not complex enough to require being provided by information support staff. These four weeks will be designed for non-technical content providers. Once the creator learns the basics of this tool, making their content fully accessible for students with disabilities using assistive technologies will not be burdensome. Llearning to use this application more efficiently will enable content creators to work easier and faster, and it will simultaneously enable their creating content that is fully accessible.
Each lesson will suggest 1-2 activities that participants can try to get the feel of how the PowerPoint features covered that week actually work. These activities will enable particpants to know they understood the material and to master it in ways that help them remember the content.

Week 1:
• Getting started
• Screen readers and screen magnification
• Powerpoint: what, why, when, where?
• Plan before starting
• Keep it simple
• Quick overview of PP ribbons
• What slide layouts are best and why?
• Using the slide thumbnails
• Your homework assignment for week 1

Week 2:
• Configuring your Powerpoint software
• Configure for consistency and accessibility
• Dreating PowerPoint Masters and templates
• Choosing and editing a Basic Theme
• Selecting font size and type
• Colour Contrast
• Select slide layout
• Homework assignment for week 2

Week 3:
• use the default placeholders
• use the Table tools
• Use alt Text for images
• Avoid drawing tables.
• Avoid blinking and spinning content.
• Avoid text boxes
• Avoid timed transitions
• Homework assignment for week 3

Week 4:
• Checking accessibility
• Online delivery
• Classroom delivery
• Home delivery
• Repurposing for other display applications

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