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Internet News : 01/05/2016
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Section One: News.
01: Low-cost refreshable Braille display set to revolutionise the market:
- A new device aims to make refreshable Braille affordable.

02: Integrate accessibility into teaching practices, says field expert:
- A call for accessibility to become part of more educational curriculums.

03: Technology company award for ‘helping kids learn’ across the globe:
- Assistive educational package given prestigious business recognition.

News in Brief: 04: Talking Tweets – Twitter gets image-descriptive; 05:
Invaluable Insights – business accessibility portal launched; 06: Tech Deadline – Tech4Good Awards closing date.

Section Two: The Inbox – Readers’ Forum.
07: Refreshing Braille – a new lease of life for people in developing countries?; 08: Virtual Viewing – can virtual reality make watching TV with a visual impairment easier?

Section Three: Special Report – ICT barriers for older people.
09: How can we keep in touch with technology?
A new academic study has explored if and how older adults with dual sensory impairment (DSI) can use assistive technology to live more independent lives. While the benefits of this technology may seem obvious, a number of barriers preventing its use remain. Two authors of the study, Kate Hamblin and Sue Yeandle, discuss what those barriers are, and what can be done to remove them.
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