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Internet News : 02/10/2016
E-Access Bulletin Access to technology for all, regardless of ability - ISSUE 182, September 2016.

A Headstar Publication, produced with the support of Thomas Pocklington Trust:

E-Access Bulletin is available on the Headstar website.

++Issue 182 contents.

Section One: News.
01: World’s first ‘bionic Olympics’ to tackle everyday obstacles with assistive tech.
- Competitors will slice bread and climb stairs using prosthetics.

02: ‘Hidden’ sight loss and dementia tackled in technology campaign.
- RNIB Scotland is latest charity to sign the charter.

03: Accessibility without the excessive price: affordable tech site launched.
- Tablets, phones and apps for under £150 featured on an introductory site.

News in Brief: 04: Nurturing Conversation – interpreter-assisted video chats; 05: Tech Talking – assistive technology conference returns; 06:
Downloadable Library – ten million accessible e-books reached.

Section Two: The Inbox – Readers’ Forum.
07: Accessible Artefacts – Enhancing museum exhibitions for disabled visitors.

Section Three: Q & A – James Buller, Home Office Digital.
08: Government for all: opening up online services.
A special digital accessibility team at the UK Government Home Office is helping shape the way people with access needs use government services online. James Buller is leading some of this work, finding out directly from users how these services can be improved for them. In a republished and adapted blog post from GOV.UK, he explains more about this specialised accessibility role, as well as his own assistive tech and online needs arising from aniridia, a rare genetic eye condition.
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