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Workshop News : 30/11/2016
EASI Free Webinar: The challenge of accessible publishing

Event Date: Thu 15th December, 2016

Presenter: NARUP | Archive Strategic Manager / DAM Project Manager, ELSEVIER, Thursday, December 15 at 11 Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 Eastern

Publishers face both internal and external challenges to making accessible books. Some of these challenges are specific technical hurdles, others are more difficult cultural hurdles. Despite these challenges, publishers continue to move closer to accessible books. Some of the hurdles are:
• Change corporate culture
• Internal technical difficulties
• External technical difficulties
• Legal muddle: Lack of clarity = lack of action.

To register, go to: Look under December

(The audio of this Webinar will be transcribed and made available shortly after the Webinar as part of its archive.)
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