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APH Table top cassette tape recorder
Image of APH Table top cassette tape recorder
APH Table top cassette tape recorder
A 4-track cassette tape recorder with digital pitch control which allows for increased rates of listening with choices of pitch levels.
Useful for long recordings for the blind and visually impaired with tactile controls and the ability to audio scan through tapes.
This is a table top recorder with controls that have tactile symbols, a built in microphone with auto level control; tone indexing and powerful amplifier with less distortion than in the past. Stereo playback is available through optional headphones. It has an AC/DC rechargeable battery with low battery alarm in record mode.

Check for availability - probably only available via APH in USA
Approx 23.5cm by 28cm by 7.62. Weight: 1.9kilos
Indicative Price
(USD) $225.00
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