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APH Handi-Cassette II Player / Recorder
Image of APH Handi-Cassette II Player / Recorder
APH Handi-Cassette II Player / Recorder
2-track or 4-track recorder and player with large buttons and tactile symbols for tape operation.
Designed for ease of use without sight. Best kept on the desktop rather than used as a portable player as it is rather chunky.
The player has Digital Pitch Control (DPC) to allow for the increase in rate of listening up to double speed, with pitch adjustment. 2-track or 4-track play at either 1 7/8 inches per second (ips) tape speed (commercial) or 15/16 ips speed (Talking Book). Total control is possible over the sound for volume, pitch etc and playback is through a built-in mono speaker or stereo headphones (included).

There is a Tone Indexing Button so that in preview or review mode, the Index tone is a high-pitched beep. The microphone is in-built and the unit contains print and Braille quick start instruction sheets

Included with the recorder are stereo headphones, AC power converter, rechargeable battery pack, removable AA battery clip, manual and a dark blue carry case with waist or shoulder strap. This device is not being replaced and only a few remain available in USA.
17.15 cm by 12.20cm by 5.71cm. Weight 0.7 kilos.
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(USD) $125.00
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