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Braille Star 40 braille display
Company:Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Web Address:
  Image of Braille Star 40 braille display
Braille Star 40 braille display
Description:Designed to be used with a laptop computer and has the ability to talk all the functions of the braille terminal.
Purpose:This device is for those who are competent Braille users who require a portable device for reading Braille from the computer as well as making notes when it is used independently.
Features:It is also possible to use the "scratchpad" to jot a few notes independently while connected to or disconnected from the PC. Data can be downloaded from a PC into the "scratchpad", then it is possible to disconnect the Braille Star to read, edit, add to and save data away from the computer.

The display has 40 concave braille cells with 40 cursor routing buttons. There is external keyboard input and output, a serial, USB and optional Bluetooth connection plus 4 MB memory (4,000 pages of text). There are 2 triple action navigation keys and 8 function keys and the device will run for around 20 hours on 4 changeable batteries which respond to quick charge (3 hours). It has a 2-year warranty. It is possible to have a larger version the Braille Star 80 for desktop keyboards.
Dimensions:33.5 by 34.3 by 2.5cms. (width by depth by height). Slider extendable to 34cms. Weight: 1.4 kilograms.
System Requirements:Windows XP or later and Linux
Indicative Price:£5,450.83
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Skills Required
Hearing 2 
Dexterity  3
Memory  3
Tactile  3
Level 1 - Minimal skill required
Level 2 - Moderate skill required
Level 3 - Good skill required

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