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Sony TCM-939/B Compact Cassette Voice Recorder
Image of Sony TCM-939/B Compact Cassette Voice Recorder
Sony TCM-939/B Compact Cassette Voice Recorder
Slim light tape recorder with easy buttons, built in microphone and speaker.
This recorder uses small analogue tapes which are handy to store if different recordings are taken on one day. The buttons are well shaped and do not require a great deal of dexterity. There is a 3-digit tape counter that helps with marking important items during a recording. There is somethin called the 'voice mirror' which means the recording will flash faster or slower depending on how much sound it is picking up. This is very useful to check the quality fo the recording. Suitable for all meetings as well as personal memos.
This shoebox recorder and player comes with a built in microphone and speakers. It has a mains adapter or runs with 4 AA batteries (1hour recording time or 9 hours play) Other features include a battery LED indicator, fast playback, microphone jack allows connection to an external microphone which helps the quality of the recording.

It has a counter to show the position on the tape and very easy to press control buttons for play, pause, back etc. This recorder has been on the market for over ten years and may not always be available.
23.7 by 14.4 by 6 cms ; 744 grams
Indicative Price
(GBP) £36.99
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