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WWAAC Web Browser
Image of WWAAC Web Browser
WWAAC Web Browser
Icon based web browser with keyboard, AAC and switch access.
This web browser has been designed to support those with communication, physical and learning disabilities. It is well laid out with easy to understand icons representing basic features on a browser.
The browser includes text to speech control at a word, sentence and paragraph level with speech and volume icons at the bottom of the window. Scrolling through web pages can be achieved also by clicking on menus as can jumping to links and adding favourite web sites to the home page.

Icons can be changed, reduced or increased in number to suit the user. Web pages can be summarised and selection sets of symbols or keyboard related letters can be bought up at the bottom of the screen in a similar way to an on-screen keyboard.

The browser is available from the World-Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication project and can be downloaded free from their website although there have been no recent updates.
System Requirements

Windows XP - an older project program but still available.

Freeware Version
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