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Fatbits Magnifier
Image of Fatbits Magnifier
Fatbits Magnifier
Single pane zoom application with up to 20 times magnification
This has been designed for graphic designers to check in detail small areas of their work but it also works well for simple magnification with many options available through a right hand mouse menu system or right hand mouse key on the keyboard
The area around the mouse or cursor is magnified and the window size can be adjusted to suit the user by just dragging it out or in. There are no menus around the window so commands are via the right hand mouse button or keystroke. Ctrl can be used to lock the contents of the window when one area needs to be seen for a time.

There are some Accessibility features including the ability to have font smoothing, increase red/green contrast levels or changing the red/green to blue. High contrast modes are also available, all in such an easy to use format if you are a mouse user.
System Requirements

Windows '95 or later but this program has not been tested on Vista and the latest update was June 2004 Download

Freeware Version
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