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Stickies v9.0a
Image of Stickies v9.0a
Stickies v9.0a
Free sticky note program for reminders with customisable settings and system tray keystroke access.
This is a very easy to use program that provides an instant reminder system which can be set up with audio and/or visual alerts. Font sizes and colours can be changed as well as the background. It may help all those who need reminders including people with specific learning and short term memory difficulties.
This small downloadable program sits in the system tray with keyboard or mouse access. Simple messages can be created to cut and pasted from other programs. Stickies has access to all the Windows fonts, colours and sounds. It is possible to network the reminders or send them via e-mail or synchronise them with a hand held organiser.

Stickies can be automatically dated and have user specific skins, be seen on a computer that is linked to multiple monitors and work with MouseKeys. This program should not be muddled with Stickies for Windows or CT Stickies.
System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10, 1028kb download

Freeware Version
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