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Switch Adapted Sony CFD-S05 CD Boom Box
Image of Switch Adapted Sony CFD-S05 CD Boom Box
Switch Adapted Sony CFD-S05 CD Boom Box
CD player, AM/FM radio and a cassette player with connector for external switch.
This player has been adapted to offer switch access to those who have dexterity and mobility difficulties and find the usual tape and CD player and radio buttons too fiddly. However, this system also works with the usual controls.
This switch adapted boom box has a CD player with CD-R & CD-RW playback capability,Digital Synthesized Tuner (FM/MW/LW), and a cassette player. It runs on battery and a power plug. The battery compartment requires 6 C type batteries

The adaption on this device allows you to plug in 3 capability switches (not provided) and select the CD player, Play/Pause and skip tracks.
365 by 134 by 230 mm
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(GBP) £216.00
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