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Freeware keyboard driven Sapi 5.1 text to speech program with the ability to save MP3 or WAv audio files
Designed for those who are blind or have visual difficulties, this program may also help those with specific learning difficulties when reading electronic books or proof reading written work.
SayPad is a freeware talking text editor that has its own window with three lines for text of any length. Text that has been written can be cut and pasted into the window but there is no provision for changing the size of text or colours. It is primarily designed for provide simple text to speech and this is possible through a series of keyboard commands. It will read blocks of text of any length, spell words, offers different length breath pauses between sentences and voice speed control. The program is very easy to use and has the three American SAPI 5.1 voices Mary, Mike and Sam for main reading and another choice for commands.

SayPad converts text to MP3 or WAV format, and it is possible to define chapter breaks for long books and these audio files can be burnt onto CDs or other portable players.
System Requirements

Windows '98 or later with XP download including a separate installation of SAPI 5.1 voices Mary and Mike (8.2 megabyte download) Still available

Freeware Version
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