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Accu-Type 5 (Accutype)
Image of Accu-Type 5 (Accutype)
Accu-Type 5 (Accutype)
Basic typing program with good exercises and tests without distracting graphics or video, available in many languages.
The instructions are in audio when bought on CD and there are audio typing exercises. These features and the colour changes make it a suitable program for those with visual difficulties. It may also be helpful for users with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia. This program is often seen on university networks.
A very simple but easy to follow typing program without all the flashy games and visuals of more recent applications. It works from the home row with 20 levels, pictures and diagrams, exercises (120) and tests. There are bleeps on errors requiring instant correction before continuing and results are presented to the user in graph format. .

There are versions in Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian) on the latest CD edition. German and Arabic are due out soon. Download is 1.3MB from the developers - run the software and send in the order form having tried the initial levels.
System Requirements

Windows 3.1 or later but the recent upgrade is a CD as a boxed version. There is no longer a Mac version or floppy disk version.

Indicative Price
(GBP) £23.94
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