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Virtual Overlay Software Screen Tinter
Image of Virtual Overlay Software Screen Tinter
Virtual Overlay Software Screen Tinter
The download version offers easy method for changing colours on some Windows applications.
This program has been designed to allow those who prefer to read a screen with a choice of different colours to do so without having to use the Windows accessibility options or the desktop properties functions. It may suit those with scotopic sensitivity or visual perceptual difficulties as well as those with specific learning difficulties or certain visual difficulties.
A very easy to use program that can be downloaded from the developer's website (5MB). This does not allow for multi-user profiles which can be found in the PRO version. It also does not have any test facilities. However, the download version makes colouring the text and background in Word and Excel very easy and certain fields in Access will also work if they have not had pre-set colours. The same applies in Internet Explorer where it only works if the Web pages are accessible and Windows colours have been turned off, plus the options under the accessibility tab have be ticked. It will override the background colours of Explorer but not any text colours chosen. There are two palettes for choosing the colours for text and background with a sample screen that illustrates the changes made. The text used on the palettes is clear in sans serif and about font size 14. The program is not keyboard accessible
System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10 Download exe file 5.7MB from

Indicative Price
(GBP) £12.00
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Notable Points(s)
  • Full choice of Windows Colours.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Effects similar to Readable.
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