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Senselang Touch Typing
Image of Senselang Touch Typing
Senselang Touch Typing
Flash touch typing lessons and cut and paste own text.
Very clear and simple program with good sized text and the ability to change the background colour to grey, turquoise green or white. May suit those who just want to practise basic home row skills then graded lessons and finally use their own text. No frills, simple to use but does not work with screen reading or text to speech programs.
There is a large screen based keyboard with the text to follow appearing at the top. Errors are noted with or without sound and allow for correction with guided finger positions. Lessons start with the home row and letters F and J and continue to teach all other letters. It is also possible to cut and paste any text into the program window for it to appear in the same way as the lessons with speed times and support for correct finger placement. The program can be downloaded and run off line or used when on the internet.

There are tutorials, teacher's support as well as a version for the elderly. New tutorials and versions can be purchased.
System Requirements

Any browser that will cope with Flash Animation using Adobe flash player

Freeware Version
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