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Empowering Technologies Web Magnifier
Image of Web Magnifier Web Magnifier
Free toolbar for Internet Explorer that magnifies most Web pages with links to the yahoo search engine.
This toolbar integrates with Internet Explorer to supply magnification for those with visual impairments
The magnification levels take the text of most websites from normal to around font 24 point. The four levels of magnification are accessed from the relatively large buttons on the tool bar. These are also enlarged if that preference is chosen. There is a search bar that links to the search engine where all text appears enlarged in a sans serif font. The search box will also reside in the Windows task bar if downloaded at the outset.

The free software can be downloaded from zdnet or the developers. It is not possible to use this tool bar to change colours or use text to speech. However, it appears to work with sites that do not accept text enlargement through the normal IE menus. At times it is necessary to pause as it re-formats the page.
System Requirements

Windows XP running Internet Explorer 6 and later in IE8. .Stillavailable but not supported

Freeware Version
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Notable Points(s)
  • Enlarges text on most web pages in IE
  • Easy to click buttons (no keyboard access)
  • Free download
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