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Talking Calculator Version 3
Image of Talking Calculator Version 3
Talking Calculator Version 3
Speaks all actions and results and can be used with a screen reader.
This is a useful program for those who forget what they previously put into the calculator as it stores items so they can be seen on the screen. Suitable for those with visual impairments as it can be used with any screen reader and may also help those fro whom English is a second language or with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia.
Clear and easy to use calculator that has a visible memory function. The voices used depend on those available on the computer and the program can be downloaded with registration and there is no limit in the trial period. It has a copy and paste function for taking all the items seen in the window to a document. This means more than one set of workings can be copied.

This product has not been updated since Windows XP systems but is still available
System Requirements

Windows '98/Vista or later. The Setup file for the Talking Calculator is 13 MB. There is no usage limit placed on this application

Freeware Version
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