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Thunder ScreenReader
Image of Thunder ScreenReader
Thunder ScreenReader
Easy to use Windows screen reader which can be used with SAPI 5 voices and is available on CD and pen drive
This software will help those who are blind or have visual impairments requiring them to use a screen reader. Ease of use is the key to this program and its automatic re-activation should the speech support be lost when working on the computer.
The program works well with all accessible Windows applications including Outlook Express. It has a simple help file with 15 main keyboard commands and extra hot keys for use with WebbIE internet browser and Outlook Express. When going up or down the desktop navigation is aided by the pitch of a beep. All, some or no punctuation can be read as can capitals, numbers, tool tips etc. It is possible to set key combinations for various scripts and other navigation elements or actions.

Settings can be changed to suit the user as well as the voices available. By downloading the WebbIE free internet browser program, it is possible to read web pages in a text format. The free version uses the voices available on the computer - download from The commercial version has been discontinued.
System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10 Uses an "off screen" model so should not affect graphics packages. Downloads for personal use are free.

Freeware Version
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