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FreeSpell and ProSpell
Image of FreeSpell and ProSpell
FreeSpell and ProSpell
Free open source spell checker that works with Windows applications. .
This is a basic clip board based spell checker using an American dictionary but a British or Welsh one can be downloaded. It may be worth paying the $10 for ProSpell as this can be used with text to speech applications as well as with a mouse. Freespell is keyboard driven only. May suit those who have spelling difficulties who wish to check documents in every situation including when using the internet. Good for those who do not mind how an program looks but have specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and can use one hot key to access a list of corrections. The interface cannot be changed and has small white text on black if using FreeSpell. ProSpell responds to Windows system changes.
FreeSpell looks like a window that one sees on the computer when in DOS mode or Windows command line mode so possibly a bit basic for some! ProSpell has the more modern Graphical User Interface but costs $10. Both versions are available when downloading FreeSpell and are based on the GNU Aspell spell checking engine. This means that as Aspell is updated so will FreeSpell be updated and additional dictionaries in British English, Welsh etc can be downloaded.

It is possible to have FreeSpell or ProSpell loaded at start up and the hotkey for spell checking is Winkey + z and Winkey+c in Prospell. Instructions can be found on the HCI website.

The program depends on items being copied into the clipboard so other things that have been put into the clipboard will be cleared when the spell checking is complete. Highlight a section of text and use the hot key combination. A list of options appears in the window below - use the keyboard to put in the number by the correct spelling and the word is automatically replaced. The same applies for ProSpell but this checker works in a similar fashion to that supplied with Microsoft Office.
System Requirements

Windows '98 or later, The FreeSpell install program is 2.7 megabytes. Everything you need to use FreeSpell is included, as is a demo copy of ProSpell. Download

Indicative Price
(USD) $10.00
Freeware Version
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