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Another Lens
Image of Another Lens
Another Lens
Displays a magnified view of the area under the mouse cursor with various degrees of magnification
This program has not been specifically designed for those with visual difficulties but could be useful utility for looking at specific items. The magnification is easy to use with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + F1 up to F4 which must be around 50 times magnification as only one letter is shown in the window.
The window can be moved to a position and provide magnified versions of items that the pointer covers or locked whilst the still moves around. Colours are noted in RGB as you scan and anything copied to the clipboard can be saved to a file as a screen shot of that particular area. Under the view menu a crosshair can be chosen to mark a spot The entire window can be resized to cover the majority of the desktop area.

The window remains on top when other applications are opened
System Requirements

Windows XP or later 187KB download. last updated Oct 1998

Freeware Version
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