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tinySpell 1.9
Image of tinySpell 1.9
tinySpell 1.9
Checks spelling in Windows applications and web forms where there is no built in spell checker.
This small utility may be very useful when proof reading text written in forms or other on-line occasions. It may help those with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia.
The spell checker sits in the system tray and will work as you are typing. It beeps as a mistake is made and the icon changes colour from white when the word is correct, to yellow when a correction needs to be chosen from the list that will appear when the hot key is pressed. The spelling list can also be activated using the mouse on the tinySpell icon. The alternative method for proof reading is to copy the word into the clipboard and tinySpell will check for mistakes in a similar way.

The dictionary is US based with more than 110,000 words is available with the free version but for $5 it is possible to add more features including a British English Dictionary and other European languages French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian via Download the files into the tinySpell directory. The team who have developed tinySpell, also run a forum from their website which has some helpful hints and tips about dictionaries.
System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10 Size Downloaded: 548k, .zip file. Size Installed: Approx. 656k download

Freeware Version
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