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NaturalReader 14 (Natural Reader)
Image of NaturalReader 14 (Natural Reader)
NaturalReader 14 (Natural Reader)
Free text to speech reader for Internet Explorer. Word, Adobe Reader, Outlook and plain text.
Useful for reading any accessible text which may help those with specific learning difficulties, minimal visual difficulties or for those for whom English is their second language.
The software loads a small tool bar that offers font size changes, text and background colour options, zoom magnification, reading speed, volume and a choice of male or female voices already on the computer via the Windows system. There is also a mini toolbar that can be used just for reading and pausing speech. Speech settings allow for speed and volume changes. The improved AT&T or Neospeech voices are only available in the versions that can be purchased from the company.

The free version allows for all text that is being read aloud to be saved to an MP3 file for listening on a portable player. The Personal version costs $69.50 with 2 Natural voices and the Professional version has 4 voices $129.50
System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10

Indicative Price
(USD) $49.50
Freeware Version
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