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Dicom word completion
Image of Dicom word completion
Dicom word completion
Free easy to use portable version of a word prediction program in English and French
This small program has been designed to support those who need help with word completion. It can be a useful program for those with dexterity and mobility difficulties but also those with specific learning difficulties, spelling and vocabulary problems who need help with finishing words.
The program sits in the system tray of a Windows computer once it has been downloaded onto the computer or a pen drive. It offer the user a simple floating window that appears as you type. The background and font colours can be changed and the words that appear are dropped into the text edit program with the use of the function keys. If you can type quickly this program is probably not for you as you need to be typing relatively slowly for all the words to appear. The settings offer French and English language options as well as a chance to add your own words such as names etc.

Last updated 2012 but still works on recent versions of Windows.
System Requirements

Windows XP or later inc. Windows 7/8/10 using a USB pen drive. Download from Portable apps

Freeware Version
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