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Type To Learn 4
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Type To Learn 4
A typing program with spelling, grammar and composition skills incorporated in the 36 lessons.
Designed for age 8-14 but used by adults as well as younger children. May well help those who have specific learning difficulties and dyslexia with some text being read aloud. Aids literacy skills with teacher tracking system for up to 5 students.
Lessons include all letter and number keys and individual users can be set up for any section. Speed and accuracy goals can be set along with a choice of vocabulary levels, text size and interfaces based on the students preferences. The system taught uses staircases of keys going up the keyboard as well as home row, going across the keyboard. Access to student's progress reports and assessment tools are provided. Several licence options are available including 5 computers £131.60
System Requirements

Windows '95 to XP and Vista. Mac OS classic - OS X or above.

Indicative Price
(USD) $39.95
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