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AbleNet BIGmack (Big Mack)
Company:AbleNet, Inc.
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  Image of AbleNet BIGmack (Big Mack)
AbleNet BIGmack (Big Mack)
Description:BIGmack is a one message communication device. Record a message and press BIGmack to hear it.
Purpose:This button communicator has been designed for those just beginning to learn to use communication devices and need a cause and effect situation. It is also possible to use it as a message point for those with mobility and speech difficulties
Features:One-shot timer prevents message repetition when a user continually activates the switch. It has 20 seconds of memory, a 5'' diameter and is made of high impact ABS - volume control and on/off switch - external 3.5mm switch jack and external speaker jack for amplification. Interchangeable tops are available in red, blue, yellow and green
Indicative Price:£80.64
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1Semerc description of the Big Mack communication aid.
Semerc describe the Big Mac as having "20 seconds of memory. It is designed to be used with individuals who are trying voice output for the first time. One press of the surface activates the message. To hear the message again it has to be pressed again. Recording and changing the message can be done in seconds. It is available in red, green, yellow, blue or beige. Requires a 9-volt battery …"
2The CALL Centre - Overlay Keyboard Software Features
The CALL Centre (Communication Aids for Language and Learning) provides specialist expertise in technology for children who have speech, communication and/or writing difficulties, in schools across Scotland, Personal Communication Passports, Special Access Technology, Review of Symbol Software, Supportive Writing Software, AAC in Schools.
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Hearing 2 
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