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Turbo Trax 3 Duplicator (One to Three)
Image of Turbo Trax 3 Duplicator (One to Three)
Turbo Trax 3 Duplicator (One to Three)
One unit copies 3 audio cassette tapes at a time.
This is suitable for those who need to copy a large number of tape cassettes. It may help those who are blind and still using the APH recorders and libraries who still have tape collections. This allows for faster tape copying compared t the Turbo Trax 1:1
This One to Three (Stereo) expandable High Speed Audio Cassette allows you to duplicate four tapes at the same time. One to Three - Mono is also available (£1,749.58) Features: One to three in 3 min. or 90 C60/Hours. (Long life heads and erase head) + p.p. ins £15.00
243 by 344 by 125mm
Indicative Price
(GBP) £1,446.00
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