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Speed Typing Test 2000
Image of Speed Typing Test 2000
Speed Typing Test 2000
Measures typing speed in words per minute (WPM) and accuracy using pre-fefined tests or user's own material.
A simple typing test that does not have any particular accessibility features but is easy to use with the ability to change font size and use ones own language. It has no disctracting bells and whistles.
The Speed Typing Test measures an individual's typing speed (words per minute) and accuracy. The program has some practice sessions and built-in tests but the user can create their own lists and tests and customise the fonts. Test results are saved and may be viewed/printed at any time. It can be used across a network. (The author is Laurie Murphy
System Requirements

Windows '95 or later and 2.5 meg free disk space

Indicative Price
(USD) $23.00
Shareware Version
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