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Communication: Telephone Accessories
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GBP indicative price is £31.99
Clarity In-Line Telephone Amplifier
Portable, battery operated amplifier offer a range of 40dB at 1 kHz
Clarity In-Line Telephone Amplifier
GBP indicative price is £35.94
DialTalk Pocket Telephone Dialler
Speech responsive portable keypad dialler for a generic telephone
DialTalk Pocket Telephone Dialler
GBP indicative price is £63.36
Telephone Arm (ScopeMaster)
Sturdy height adjustable arm for most telephones with a clamp and extendable arm.
Telephone Arm (ScopeMaster)
GBP indicative price is £13.8
Telephone Inductive Coupler PL10 Listening Aid
Strapped onto the phone handset to provide increased volume.
Telephone Inductive Coupler PL10  Listening Aid
GBP indicative price is £144
Vocally Dialler
A voice activated telephone dialler storing up to 60 names and numbers
Vocally Dialler
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