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The Creativity Web is a resource center giving you information to help you become more creative. Resources are numerous and include books, software, and techniques. Additional resources are included to stimulate your thinking: quotations, affirmations and humour from Australia
This www page has been consolidated in respect to Jan Lanzing. The page is kept just like Jan left it behind right before he passed away on March 3, 1997. Many links have become obsolete since then.
Many companies are using mind mapping for business training using their own and others' software. These pages have some useful tips.
Web pages about traditional and advanced brainstorming training with ideas and links as well as software.
This webpage is about how to mindmap by hand or by using software. There are links to several examples of mindmapping techniques and downloads.
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Concept mapping, mind mapping, tree diagrams, organisation charts, spider diagrams are all terms used to describe graphical organisation methods. These are used for storing, processing, organising and presenting information graphically. A number of software packages are available which help draw these diagrams and output them in various forms.
Discusses time management using mindmapping techniques - Bangor University Study Skills for Dyslexic students. Part of a series of pages by the unit on study skills.
This web page has links to a considerable amount of information related to brainstorming - rules, software and free training including a random word generator. Creative and lateral thinking problem solving techniques.
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